Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Sonnet Cycle

For our 2 year anniversary, I have decided to make something instead of buy something. With this as the beginning, I will be creating a sonnet cycle for my lovely girlfriend, and updating it at least every anniversary we have. I love you Stephanie, happy anniversary!

Sonnet 1:

We drift along as sailors lost at sea,
No fixéd mark to guide us back to shore.
The water rises and we fail to see
The broken sailors on the ocean floor.

I pray to God to send an Angel near,
“I do not want to drown beneath these waves!”
My prayer is not answered, so I fear
That man is lost, no matter what he braves.

And yet I watch as Heaven ushers forth
My only Angel come to lead me home.
She gave her hand, and so gave me my worth,
And pulled me from the water’s darkened foam.

          And so it was that I was blessed to see
          My only Angel reaching out to me.