Monday, September 19, 2016

Sonnet number 2

This Friday was our 3 year anniversary, and (while a few days late) I am keeping my word. Here is the next installment in the sonnet cycle for Stephanie and myself!


My only Angel brought me from the sea
And bore me to an island bright and fair.
I searched and sought to find her there with me
But never could I find her tender care.

No more left to drown on dark’ning water,
I set to build an altar on the beach.
In vain I’d hoped she’d see the shells I brought her
But no one came, she seemed just out of reach.

I cried “My love, please come and stay awhile.
“I’ll make a castle from this foreign land.”
There was no answer, I was sure in exile.
She’d gone, and left me stranded on the strand.

But hope had stayed, and from the sky she came;
My only Angel, calling out my name.

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